Why you should replace your air filter this winter

Preemptive maintenance is key in ensuring your system is running smoothly. This is more than getting your routine maintenance check, but also inspecting your air filter. Your air filter is vital for keeping your system working efficiently and enhancing your home’s indoor air quality. As we’ll all be devoting more time indoors this winter, there’s no better time to aim on enhancing the quality of air in the home. Swapping out your air filter is a painless thing to do and there are many paybacks such as:

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Air filters clean your air as it drifts through your house by trapping contaminants. If you have a family member enduring allergies or asthma, a quality air filter can do great things to minimize the symptoms or negative impact from poor air quality. And if you have a pet, you realize pet dander is a consistant challenge. An efficient, clean air filter will allow you to breathe in better air.

Increase the Life and Efficiency of Your System
A filthy air filter is one of the primary sources for system failures. When your air filter is dirty your system has to operate more to do its job, which will be evident on your utility bills and it can also force your unit to overheat. Premptive maintenance such as air filter replacement will aid in making sure that your system has a long, efficient life.

It’s always best to pursue your filter provider’s suggestion on how often you should be swapping your filter. Lennox sells the best MERV filter available, which will last up to one year contingent on conditions in the home. If you have concerns about your air filter, we’re always accessible to answer any questions and help you keep your indoor space cozy this season and every season. Give our pros at All Seasons Heating & A/C Co a call at 812-638-4045 to arrange an appointment with us..

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